My first book, Modern Women in China and Japan: Gender and Global Modernity Between the Wars was released in 2012. It looks at what it meant to be a "modern woman" in the interwar period. I write about the lives of four women each in China and Japan. These women were writers and artists whose work reflects the enormous social changes taking place, and the development of interwar feminism. Since its publication, I have received a lot of interest in the work, particularly from scholars in China.

My other research focus is urban history, and I have an ongoing project on colonial port cities. This research has led me to a number of side projects, ranging from colonial scientific collecting, to the activities of political subversives in major cities. To see more about my academic work, and read my research articles, visit my academia.edu page.

I regularly write about history and culture for general readers, you can find links on my writing page.

I have a podcast about urban history, called Cities in History. You can subscribe in itunes or leave comments on the site. I'm also ranked as the most influential historian on Twitter. You can usually find me there.