Face to face with the man who sold the world

The last three weeks have been a hectic whirl, of four countries and a nightmare of moving that I won't even begin to express. 

In London I went to see David Bowie Is.... , a mindblowing exhibition. It's rare for any museum to put on a show about such a talented, fashion-shaping individual, but the way they laced different phases of his life (personal notes, clothing - lots of clothing - and drawings) was so involving, and the soundrack on the audioguide was brilliant. I have never seen anything like it—and I doubt I will again.

Meantime, my own scribblings have appeared elsewhere: 

In Slate, I reviewed a book on the History of Neon.  

And for The Australian, a book on the history of whale hunting.  

And now through the miracle of technology, I can track the ship carrying my possessions from Munich to the Pacific.