Damn it feels good to be a #twitterstorian

Since the uses of twitter were featured on the AHA blog, including the #twitterstorians, a whole bunch more have emerged!

@hmprescott - AKA Knitting Clio
@history_doctor - Taylor Stoermer
@commitz - Mike Commito
@wrigbe - Beth Wright
@wunderplatz - Kate D.
@gordonchls - s.e. gordon-salway
@Brujuli - Juliana GómezMerchán
@lostinhistory - Jason Warren
@notplainjane29 - Jane Rothstein
@drhonor - honor sachs
@GeoffPolHist - Geoff Robinson
@jhrees - Jonathan Rees
@itshistorygirl - Emily MacLeod

And some institutional accounts:

@virginiacw150 - The Virginia Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission
@BMAGimages Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery Picture Library
@HistoryWJ - History Workshop Journal

Twitterstorians is not limited to academic historians, but anyone with an interest in history. If you want to see the rest of the list, click here.