History Carnival and Still More Twitterstorians

I will be hosting the History Carnival here shortly, please send entries to me via email or twitter, or via the form here http://historycarnival.org/
Nominate any recent blog posts on historical topics that you would recommend to other readers.
The carnival will be up next weekend, so entries in before then!

Meanwhile, back on the hunt for #twitterstorians:

@margiemcl Marjorie McLellan
@aehunt Andrew Hunt
@KrisLindbeck Kris Lindbeck
@bradshoebottom Bradley Shoebottom
Josh Stein
@DrFredDOpie Fred D. Opie
@hugoschwyzer Hugo Schwyzer
@engbynik Nikki Rutledge
@GilTroy Gil Troy
@aaronsmoore Aaron Moore
@Woffproff Tracy Revels
@Miquettesfriend James Blakeley
@TheGradDean Amy McCandless
@HistoryCult Andrew Haley
@amycurry Amy Curry
@Krisrich Kristina Richardson
@mad4holly Michael A. Davis
@ekleinberg Ethan Kleinberg
@chaschick02 Heather
@ok_archive Jaime - historian of the Amazon, 19th-20th centuries.