Possibly risky vacations?

I've noticed recently how two countries with dubious international
reputations are selling themselves to potential tourists. I have not visited
Colombia or South Africa, although I know people who have been robbed in
each country (in one case at gunpoint) so I share the skepticism towards
these places as holiday destinations.

The Colombian tourism board is running tv ads. Their catchphrase is, "If you
come to Colombia, you are at risk...." at risk, of having a great time,
falling in love with the place, etc. It struck me as a bold way for them to
address the fact that people do think Colombia is a dodgy prospect for a
vacation. Rather than ignoring it and just running generic "Come to
Colombia" ads, they are stepping up and taking it head-on.

It is an interesting contrast to those ads for South Africa, which I saw in
the UK, with the tagline "South Africa: it's possible". That struck me as
deeply ambivalent, and not much of an endorsement. What sprung to my mind
was "it's possible you won't be carjacked, but don't bet on it". If the
travel board of the country can't sell it more confidently than that, I'm
not booking tickets just yet. Curiously, the same ads in Germany have a
phrase that translates as "anything is possible" (which is better or worse
depending on how you interpret it).