Yesterday, I asked where all the historians were on twitter. Thanks to the generosity of retweets, my message got around, and I received greetings from many – and I decided to compile a list here (including anything they posted about what they work on).

@jcmeloni Julie Meloni

@jaheppler Jason Heppler - History PhD student at the University of Nebraska-Linicoln

@jmcclurken Jeff McClurcken - My own fields are 19th C. US families, veterans, gender, mental institutions, & the digital humanities

@sfern Susan Fernsebner - historian of 19th-20th c. China, working on material culture, colonialism

@parezcoydigo Chad Black - colonial Latin Americanist, working on 18th c. Quito, Ecuador.

@history_geek Holly Tucker - early-modern history of medicine.

@glrichard Gregory Richard - legal/Southern U.S. hybrid history Ph.D. student

@lucyinglis Lucy Inglis - London from 1660 to 1836.

@twicklicious Jan Cornelius - Ancient Greece, specializations: Neolithic and Bronze, Cycladic and Mycenean mainly ... currently not more than a "hobby"

@marri Marri Lynn

@TheHistoryWoman Gaby Mahlberg

@Greeneland Julie Greene - US labor, politics, and empire, I tweet mostly on history matters and contemporary labor.

@Airminded Brett Holman - Historian of the British fear of aerial bombardment, early 20th century here.

@llmunro Lisa Munro - I'm a grad student: I study 19th c. cultural history of Guatemala

@maureenogle Mareen Ogle

@boston1775 J.L. Bell

@mercpol Nick P.

@tanya_roth Tanya Roth - PhD candidate, US/women's history

I was already following a few historians, so here they are too:

@big_valley Susan Johnson-Roehr – architectural history

@larrycebula Larry Cebula – of Northwest History

@adevenney Andrew D. Devenney

@sepoy Manan Ahmed – of Chapati Mystery

@sharon_howard Sharon Howard – of Early Modern Notes

@publichistorian Suzanne Fischer

@hallnjean Norma Hall

@joguldi Jo Guldi

@TenuredRadical Claire Potter

@kmlawson K. M. Lawson – of Frog in a Well

@dancohen Dan Cohen

@worldhistory Russ Lewis

@digitalhumanist Dave Lester

@clioweb Jeremy Boggs

@sterflu Sterling Fluharty

Apologies if I have missed anyone out, if you want to add yourself or others please post a comment or message me on twitter @katrinagulliver

UPDATE - New additions:

@peregrinatrix Alexandra Guerson - phd candidate working on xn-jewish relations in late medieval spain

@TimHitchcock Tim Hitchcock - 18th century London, gender, sexuality, masculinity

@marcinwilkowski Marcin Wilkowski

@HouseHistorian Melanie Backe-Hansen

@quackwriter Caroline Rance - My interest is 18th & 19thC history of medicine, and I write historical novels.

@JimTurnerAZ Jim Turner - Arizona, New Spain, Reconquista, and Conquest of Mexico.

Further updates - 9/9





Still more! (plus the folks in the comments below)

@daintyballerina Early Modern drama & politics. Jacobean stage.

@conservadora Lara Kelland

@historine Anna Gesa


@WWIIToday A.T. Nelson

@foundhistory Tom Scheinfeldt

@historying Cameron Blevins

And some twittering institutions of interest to historians:























#Twitterstorians beat the odds

Since the AHA (and my Cliopatria win), I've gained a bunch more #twitterstorian followers. I also got to meet a bunch more in person!

Here are some of those:

@polioandme - Elizabeth Kenny

@ChasingClaudiaK - Sarah LaVigne

@genghiskuhn - John Kuhn

@jhdavey - Jennifer Davey


@genealogydr - Amanda Forson



@medievalfacts - Tom Depue


@historybeagle - Lisa Smith






@newburghr - Johanna Porr






As ever, you can add yourself in the comments. And please feel free to use the tag #twitterstorians when you're posting history-related stuff on twitter.

Damn it feels good to be a #twitterstorian

Since the uses of twitter were featured on the AHA blog, including the #twitterstorians, a whole bunch more have emerged!

@hmprescott - AKA Knitting Clio
@history_doctor - Taylor Stoermer
@commitz - Mike Commito
@wrigbe - Beth Wright
@wunderplatz - Kate D.
@gordonchls - s.e. gordon-salway
@Brujuli - Juliana GómezMerchán
@lostinhistory - Jason Warren
@notplainjane29 - Jane Rothstein
@drhonor - honor sachs
@GeoffPolHist - Geoff Robinson
@jhrees - Jonathan Rees
@itshistorygirl - Emily MacLeod

And some institutional accounts:

@virginiacw150 - The Virginia Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission
@BMAGimages Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery Picture Library
@HistoryWJ - History Workshop Journal

Twitterstorians is not limited to academic historians, but anyone with an interest in history. If you want to see the rest of the list, click here.

Twitterstorians keep the faith

Many more historians have appeared on the Twitter, I find them because they follow me or reply to me—I also browse around for new members but I can’t be comprehensive. So if you want to be added, please list yourself in the comments.

– Amy Louise Western
@lbary – Leslie Bary
@philmedman – Brendan Clarke
– Louise Côté
@dawudart – David Chavarria
@thompsonwerk – Robert Thompson
– Tamson Pietsch

@conversiontales – research group on religious change in Early Modern Europe.
@oldbaileyonline – Old Bailey and London Lives digital projects.
@totalgettysburg – Battle of Gettysburg information.

If you're going to hand me a bottle of f****** SoCo, something just comes over me....

....and I keep finding more #twitterstorians. So if you like following historians on the twitter, you should check out these:




@outofmischief - Richard Hemming

- Håkan Forsell

- Jennifer Nelson

Ian Blunt

Sally Large

Caroline Shenton

Felicia Lind

Caroline Sharples

Jeff Wasserstrom

And if you want to find out what people are talking about that's history-related, just search for the tag #twitterstorians

It's raining Twitterstorians

Here are some more historians and history enthusiasts I’ve discovered on twitter. Follow them and look for the hashtag #twitterstorians for discussions history-related.

Quinn Slobodian
@amstott1789  Andrew McConnell Stott
@Kwwojcicki Kathy Whitacre Wojci
@jliedl Janice Liedl
@HPS_Vanessa Vanessa H
@lmsahistory  Molly Myers
@shewolfmanc Hannah
@milhistorian Ken Reynolds
@lauraemacdonald  Laura MacDonald
@seelix Emily
@jnthnwwlsn Jonathan Wilson
@Beady77  Julie Day

Twitterstorians update

@Beady77 – Julie Day
@historyadjunct – Ms Sweet
@wptiii – William P. Tatum
@museumtrekker – Megan Southwood
@writinghenry – Debby Lane
@victoriandotage – Emily Andrews
@gsoh31 – Glen O’Hara
@74guns – Tony Beales
@touchlineshouts – Gareth Millward
@HistoFun_Com – Freya van der Valk
@profragsdale – Rhonda Ragsdale
@CivilWarNovel – Blythe F. Toussaint
@DrAlun – Alun Whitney
@milhistorian – Ken Reynolds

Happy Valentine's Day, Twitterstorians!

Here are some people for you to share Twitterlove with:

@historyphd – Julie Gilmour
@survivehistory – Giles Milton
@HistProfDad – Jason Lantzer
@sixteenthCgirl – Suzannah Lipscomb


Edited Feb 16 to add: 

@tudortutor - Barb Alexander
@happy_eeyore - Helen Kelly
@gooliab - Julia B
@hypocras - Laura

Speaking dates, History Carnival, and more Twitterstorians

I will be speaking at UMass Amherst on October 6, and UC Irvine on October 18. Interested historians, please come along. My presentations will focus on the ideas of the colonial city, the subject of my next book.

The History Carnival for October will also be hosted here, so if you want to send a nomination for any good history weblog posts or articles from the last month (or August, since the Carnival has been on hiatus), please submit them here.

And some more twitterstorians have emerged:

@Sparrow566 - Liz Chairopoulou
@OOHRP - Oklahoma Oral History