Yesterday, I asked where all the historians were on twitter. Thanks to the generosity of retweets, my message got around, and I received greetings from many – and I decided to compile a list here (including anything they posted about what they work on).

@jcmeloni Julie Meloni

@jaheppler Jason Heppler - History PhD student at the University of Nebraska-Linicoln

@jmcclurken Jeff McClurcken - My own fields are 19th C. US families, veterans, gender, mental institutions, & the digital humanities

@sfern Susan Fernsebner - historian of 19th-20th c. China, working on material culture, colonialism

@parezcoydigo Chad Black - colonial Latin Americanist, working on 18th c. Quito, Ecuador.

@history_geek Holly Tucker - early-modern history of medicine.

@glrichard Gregory Richard - legal/Southern U.S. hybrid history Ph.D. student

@lucyinglis Lucy Inglis - London from 1660 to 1836.

@twicklicious Jan Cornelius - Ancient Greece, specializations: Neolithic and Bronze, Cycladic and Mycenean mainly ... currently not more than a "hobby"

@marri Marri Lynn

@TheHistoryWoman Gaby Mahlberg

@Greeneland Julie Greene - US labor, politics, and empire, I tweet mostly on history matters and contemporary labor.

@Airminded Brett Holman - Historian of the British fear of aerial bombardment, early 20th century here.

@llmunro Lisa Munro - I'm a grad student: I study 19th c. cultural history of Guatemala

@maureenogle Mareen Ogle

@boston1775 J.L. Bell

@mercpol Nick P.

@tanya_roth Tanya Roth - PhD candidate, US/women's history

I was already following a few historians, so here they are too:

@big_valley Susan Johnson-Roehr – architectural history

@larrycebula Larry Cebula – of Northwest History

@adevenney Andrew D. Devenney

@sepoy Manan Ahmed – of Chapati Mystery

@sharon_howard Sharon Howard – of Early Modern Notes

@publichistorian Suzanne Fischer

@hallnjean Norma Hall

@joguldi Jo Guldi

@TenuredRadical Claire Potter

@kmlawson K. M. Lawson – of Frog in a Well

@dancohen Dan Cohen

@worldhistory Russ Lewis

@digitalhumanist Dave Lester

@clioweb Jeremy Boggs

@sterflu Sterling Fluharty

Apologies if I have missed anyone out, if you want to add yourself or others please post a comment or message me on twitter @katrinagulliver

UPDATE - New additions:

@peregrinatrix Alexandra Guerson - phd candidate working on xn-jewish relations in late medieval spain

@TimHitchcock Tim Hitchcock - 18th century London, gender, sexuality, masculinity

@marcinwilkowski Marcin Wilkowski

@HouseHistorian Melanie Backe-Hansen

@quackwriter Caroline Rance - My interest is 18th & 19thC history of medicine, and I write historical novels.

@JimTurnerAZ Jim Turner - Arizona, New Spain, Reconquista, and Conquest of Mexico.

Further updates - 9/9





Still more! (plus the folks in the comments below)

@daintyballerina Early Modern drama & politics. Jacobean stage.

@conservadora Lara Kelland

@historine Anna Gesa


@WWIIToday A.T. Nelson

@foundhistory Tom Scheinfeldt

@historying Cameron Blevins

And some twittering institutions of interest to historians: