Twitterstorians Redux

Since I posted the list here, many people have visited, added themselves in the comments or messaged me about it. I even got a link on HNN!
I hope the #twitterstorians hashtag is useful and the list has helped you, dear reader, find some like-minded folk. But the (AFAIK) impossibility of searching twitter users by keyword in their profiles means it’s still tough to find people in particular fields. I excitedly went to watch this guide to “academic networking on twitter” but was disappointed by the Twitter 101 “advice”, no secret shortcuts or useful tools.

Here are a few more:

@jondresner Jonathan Dresner – also a colleague from Frog in a Well
@joannainchile Joanna McGarry
@joadraymond Joad Raymond
@missannersley Catherine Wright
Medievalist and Anglo-Saxonist

Still more! (24/9)


@candace_nast grad student at University of
Windsor in Ontario, Canada. Also working on a digital history
guide for students looking for graduate programs.
@ericmjohnson - Eric Johnson, history of science
@FashionHistoria - Heather Vaughan
@misciel - Michelle Laughran
@heidenkind - Tasha B., Art History