Women's History Carnival 2011

Welcome readers to one part of a month long festival of Women's History, in honour of Women's History Month. This was an idea from Sharon Howard and you can read more here

Also participating in this endeavour will be:

Jen Newby, Writing Women’s History
Judith Weingarten, Zenobia: Empress of the East
Penny Richards, Disability Studies
Heather Prescott, Knitting Clio
Another Damned Medievalist, Blogenspiel
Sharon Howard, Early Modern Notes

So drop by their sites and check on updates during the month. Heather was first out of the gates with her introduction to the carnival.

You can also follow the discussion on twitter by looking for the tags #whc11 and #twitterstoriennes.

For my first contribution, I wanted to look at one woman born on this day: but depressingly few women are listed in the various "born on this day" sites - which rather sums up the problem of women being ignored by history. Aside from the occasional queen or saint, women don't start appearing in such lists until you reach those born in the latter nineteenth century.

But I'll be back later today with my first History Heroine.